Destination: Calpe, Spain

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Calpe Spain Best Photo Gallery

If there is one destination in the world where we would suggest to a traveler who is weary, tired, and in-need of rest and relaxation, it would be the king of European beach resort destinations: Calpe, Spain.

Traditionally a fishing and strategic stronghold for the Southeastern Regions of Spain, today the town is the crown jewel in the paradise crown of the Costa Blanca coastline. It’s towering resort buildings are reminiscent of the skylines of Miami or Waikiki, though the resort area is much smaller, making all of the best resort-style living, amenities, and activities within walking distance for any guest staying in the area.

Calpe Spain Churches

Calpe’s Famous Churches

Iglesia Antigua and the church Senora de las Nieves are both located in the center of Calpe, their stunning architecture is well-worn by the passage of time, yet a beautiful reminder of yesteryear. In addition to the antique churches of Calpe, don’t…

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