Escarnalbou Hermitage

The hilltop hermitage of Escarnalbou provides 360 degree superb views to the coast and the surrounding mountains and valleys. Nearby ridges now host a huge array of wind turbines.

The main hermitage seen from the path to the summit

Interestingly, the sandstone blocks in the door arch appear to have been heavily weathered before construction.

It's worth keeping an eye open for the details built into the hermitage walls

Another stone face stares out of the wall

Always a good threat from Christianity, if you don't behave yourself, this guy is waiting for you

A path from the hermitage leads around the mountain top

Weathering of the sandstone has produced intricate patterns

Further along the path, a chapel is built into the rock face

The interior of the chapel is very basic

Another chapel sits on the summit

Pilgrims to the peak are rewarded with a more decorative interior

The view from the summit towards a nearby rail viaduct. Some research suggests that part of this was demolished during the civil war, in an area known to Hemmingway

In another direction, the wind turbines spin and generate power


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